All About Thailand Wedding Vows

A traditional Thai wedding is a joyous occasion steeped in age-old rituals and traditions. At the wedding, the couple pays homage to their loved ones and the spirits of the dead in a ritual that draws on Buddhist and local customs.

Thailand Wedding vows are a significant aspect of traditional Thai wedding ceremonies. Traditional phrases and idioms are often repeated in wedding vows across generations in Thailand. However, the vows at a modern wedding are open to the couple’s creativity and can be adjusted to reflect their individual tastes.

The exchange of vows at a Thai wedding occurs after the monks have chanted and blessed the couple. While their loved ones look on from a mat, the bride and groom say their vows to one another. Though most couples opt to have their vows said in Thai, some also say them in English or a blend.

Common pledges during Thai wedding ceremonies include love, honour, and cherish. In addition to committing to a loving and joyful life together, the vows also express appreciation for the couple’s shared existence. It’s also common for couples to incorporate promises and declarations of love specific to them and their partnership.

Guests will express their best wishes and blessings after the couple exchanges vows, and the wedding bands will be given out. There is frequently a celebration with music, dancing, and tasty food after the wedding ceremony.

The Thai wedding vows are a crucial aspect of a traditional Thai wedding. The vows represent the couple’s commitment to one another, their families, and the future they hope to build together as husband and wife. To honour the cultural customs of their families, couples can add touches to their wedding vows.


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