The history of the US Embassy in Bangkok

The US and Thailand have continued enjoying good relations for decades. Read on as we explore the history of the US Embassy in Bangkok.

Thailand and the United States are the oldest friends in The Asian region, with their relations dating back as early as 1818. Diplomatic relations started in 1833 with the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce. The two countries have continued their good relationship that has strengthened over time. The two countries continue cooperating in a wide variety of programs such as health, culture, education, trade, and security among others.


In 1882, the United States established a diplomatic mission in Bangkok, originally as a legation. However, its status changed to an Embassy in 1947. The current official residence was built in 1914 by Henry Victor Bailey, who was an English businessman. Upon his demise in 1920, the Thailand Finance Ministry bought the house. During WWII, Thailand supported Japan, which irked Great Britain and sought to punish Thailand for its actions. However, the US came to its aid and persuaded Great Britain from taking any actions. For this, the Thai government were grateful and gifted the house to the US in 1947.

Notable events

One of the notable events took place in 1975 when protestors numbering almost 10,000, mostly students, expressed their anger at US actions of launching attacks against Cambodia without informing or seeking permission from Thailand.


The US embassy in Bangkok is located at 120-122 Wireless Road and is open from Monday between 7 am – 12 pm, and from 1 pm – 4 pm. However, it may be closed during public holidays in Thailand or the United States.

The US embassy in Bangkok has a rich history especially considering how it came to be. The 2 countries are the oldest friends in Asia, and they still continue enjoying good relations.

By United States Department of State –, Public Domain,


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