The Difference between High-tea and Low tea

There is no hard and fast rule of how to enjoy tea-times, but low tea, served in the mid-afternoon, has always meant a light snack to tide you over to supper time. It might include one or two cupcakes, scones, and a sandwich.

The low tea fills the hunger gap

This low tea started way back when the duchess couldn’t make it through a boring, foodless afternoon, and feeling hungry, she ordered tea and snacks to her bedroom chamber. She discovered what a delightful way it was to ‘fill the gap’ waiting for supper time, and it became a tradition.

The high tea is likened to a meal

High tea on the other hand, is far more substantial, more energy-packed and more like a full meal. Workers, after a hard day of work, would want to have something substantial after their day of labour. There would be cakes, toasted sandwiches, meat pies, cold meats and all this fare would always be accompanied by a pot of good, strong tea – to restore spent energy.

A setting crammed with oodles of atmosphere

It goes without saying that there are hotels such as the trendy Royal Lancaster that serve high and low teas in beautiful tea rooms as well as variations on afternoon tea as well.

The signature Royal Lancaster Afternoon Tea is a unique twist on the British tradition, but there are always delectable treats that are served with the finest teas or a glass of Champagne. Fresh scones with Scottish clotted cream, cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and dainty savouries are all waiting to tantalize and delight your taste buds and these are matched with a choice of freshly brewed teas.

Gardening fans come to London for the Chelsea Flower Show and it just seems fitting to pop into the Royal Lancaster after visiting the rose garden in Hyde Park which is just over the road from the hotel. The hotel’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Afternoon Tea is luxurious, light and leisurely and not to be missed. Oozing atmosphere, it captures the very spirit of wonderful times with family and friends.

Good times to share

Good times are inevitable with a tea party in beautiful London and in beautiful surroundings. Whether you’re lazing around in comfortable chairs with tea-treats on a low coffee table or you’re sitting around a high tea table, both tea options are the perfect addition for an afternoon of entertainment where tea is served with pride.