How to take a cruise to Ayuttaya from Bangkok

There is every reason to want to reach Ayuttaya, Thailand from Bangkok as it’s an ancient city, full of historical interest. Known as an archaeological site, the historic city is managed as a historical park, and, in fact, at the centre of the city is Ayutthaya Historical Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the most visited site in the area.

If luxury is what you want

Where you decide to stay in Bangkok can literally can make or break your trip. Bad accommodation too far out will make getting to the historic monuments early nearly impossible. A good choice are the Lancaster Bangkok hotel rooms, luxuriously comfortable, and letting you wake up in the morning feeling energised and ready to explore everything that makes a Bangkok getaway so utterly enthralling: a hotel close to all the amazing sights and sounds of the city.

A boat trip away from Bangkok’s buzz

The journey up the Chao Phraya river is the perfect retreat from Bangkok’s bustling streets and lifestyle. It can be wonderfully peaceful on the river. To make the trip to Bangkok more exciting, adventurers like to combine their visit to Bangkok with a trip to Ayutthaya – an exciting riverboat trip on the main river of Thailand known also as the River of Kings. Many of the people live on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and many use the river to get to work and other places.

The trip starts from Wat Niwet Thammaprawat in Bang Pa In, a Buddhist temple. The trip gives you a wonderful chance to be in the fresh air as you glide past Thai people going about their daily lives. This just makes the entire trip more enthralling as there are also ancient temples and ruins to explore.

A fascinating night on the boat

This 2-day boat cruise includes docking for the night where you will dine on board before settling down for the night. You’ll enjoy breakfast on board the next morning as you prepare to cruise further on to the amazing city of Ayutthaya, where you disembark at Bang-Pa-In, an ancient palace.

After such a thrilling trip, there’s no substitute for knowing that when you get back to your hotel in Bangkok you can relax in the air-conditioned comfort that on a luxury hotel can provide.